Web Developers For Hire: What And Where To Find Them?

What do you look for in a web developer? Where can you find web developers for hire? Web developers are pretty important in business especially during pandemic.

How do businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic? It’s really a tall order. Even large businesses are affected and have been forced to furlough a lot of the employees. If large companies are in trouble, how much more for the little guys. Did you get the idea? COVID triggers the economy to suffer. Does it mean there’s no hope after all? Nope. There is still hope. Go online. If you’re a business owner, consider boosting your online presence because many customers now are using the Internet to buy things.

What if you’re just starting a business? Well, it’s really bad for startups. Imagine, most of them have yet to recover their capital and they are already forced to shut down. They failed in the business and they could not be blamed for it. One of the most common phrases that cropped up in the situation is this: It is what it is.

Businesses were ordered closed during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the situation all around the world. Slowly, the economy opened. However, many small businesses were forced to close for good. They just couldn’t recover. Besides, even if they go back to business, there are restrictions. They can’t enjoy full capacity anymore. Plus, they may have loyal customers who are too afraid to leave the house.

However, while physical stores couldn’t open anymore, there is still a way to make money. Businesses can continue online. Although, if this is the case, they might need the use of their physical stores for supplies, or in the case of restaurants, for cooking. Websites may be an important aspect in business, but for community stores, owners may not have realized the importance of having an online store. For most of them, a website was just a way to get to know the business.

The pandemic certainly allowed people different perspectives. That’s why you need web developers.

Web developers for hire

So how do you find web developers for hire? This is a question that needs a clear answer for you to understand the context of this blog article. Better yet, what should you look for in a web developer? If you don’t have a website yet, then it’s a matter of creating a website with a web app that allows people to purchase your product or service. If you already have a website, then it’s just about creating the web app.

Having an online store is crucial. You can’t just entrust it on someone who knows how to create a website but doesn’t really have real experience. This person is going to be cheap and you might be tempted. They say that experience is the best teacher. So if you have an experienced web developer, that means they are less likely to make mistakes because errors have been had. Overcoming those errors means learning from it.

How do you find a person’s experience? You can check their digital portfolio. It’s there where you can find the prospective web developer’s previous experience in creating websites. This leads us to the next tip.

If you found someone you like based on their portfolio, then you should give them a call. It’s not really a good time to do face-to-face interviews, so a video conference will do. You want to see them during the interview so a phone call won’t suffice. You want to see their reaction when you ask a question or when you tell them what you need.

You should find someone from a web programmers for hire section someone that could understand what you need. First, you can glean this from the prospect’s portfolio. If you find a project similar to what you actually need, then there’s a distinct possibility that they can do what you want and need. However, if it’s difficult to determine understanding through the prospect’s outputs, then you go to the second way—conversation.

You know that the web developer understands what you want and need when they don’t just answer questions, but they also offer suggestions. They know what they are doing when they can succinctly converse with you about your desire. They should also be able to come up with really smart recommendations to work on your idea and even improve them.

Responsive design
As you browse through the portfolio, make sure that the design employed in all of their previous projects are intuitive. What does this mean? The website should be responsive to the needs of a user. You might be a business owner but you are a web user, too. You must know what it is that makes a website responsive.

It has to be fast. If the website is slow, then that cannot be considered responsive. They say that you should be able to get to your desired web page in just three clicks. Employ that in your investigation of the best web developer that you can hire. Investigate may be too serious a word but it’s basically what it is. You are trying to find clues whether that person would be right for what you need. This also leads us to the next one…

You will know that a web developer has some analytics skill during the interview. We mentioned that it would be important for them to offer suggestions. Some of those suggestions should be analytical by nature. That means that they should be talking about the target audience and how they can attract that audience through web design and development.

It’s also a good indicator that a web developer has some analytics skills when they ask you for information—a lot of information. Of course, they should be able to explain to you that they need the information in order to build a responsive and more audience-based website without alienating the general audience.

Where to find them?

Moving on, where can you find web developers during the pandemic. There are actually a lot of websites now that offer a list of the web developers that you need. What’s even more special is that you can filter your search.

Take a look at some of the possible choices below where you can find what you need.

This is actually a website that has a wide range of freelancers. This is actually a very generic website. There are so many kinds of hires you can get from the site. It’s just a matter of filtering so you can find the web developer that can help you achieve your goal.

GitHub Jobs
Now this is more your alley. This is where you can find the most technical freelancer. You want a web developer, there are many of them here. You want to search for a more educated and experienced developer? Then you look for a website engineer. There are IT specialists and database engineers, among others in this site.

This is another site to look for tech-related professionals. There are software architects and engineers here, and you would sure find a web developer who is going to work for your business website.


Don’t just give up. Doing business is always bombarded by challenges and trials. This pandemic is just one of those trials that you have to overcome. Hence, it is advised that you look for a website designer and developer who is equipped with the right knowledge and who has the needed tools and software. The real battleground now for businesses is the Internet. Boost your business on the web where the limitless market is going to be found.

Contact Ramotion today for more info and details on how to find right web developers.

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